Taylor Swift’s Scottish Fold cats are likely to be in chronic pain

Olivia Benson

My research tells me that Scottish Fold cats are likely to suffer from chronic (long-term) pain due to the inherited disease that gives these cats their famously flat ears. This is a well-known fact actually but I wanted to check on prevalence across the breed and it is bad. Sidebar: Catster says that Scottish …

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Atchoum. Hypertrichosis in cats. Onychodystrophy. Thickened claws. Fine hair. Inherited genetic mutation.

Atchoum inherited hypertrichosis and onychogryphosis

This is the story of a social media cat celebrity whose name is Atchoum, a male Persian cat born in May 2014 in Quebec, Canada affect by hypertrichosis together with associated or non-associated inherited diseases such as onychodystrophy (in my view although not mentioned) which caused his claws to be thick and non-retractable and …

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