The inventor of the Felixer, a device which poisons feral cats, is misleading the public

The Felixer is a fiendish device devised by Dr. John Read, the founder of Thylation. The Felixer is a green box which jets out a poison called 1080 in the form of a gel at 50 metres per second. The idea is that when a feral cat walks past this green box it detects …

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What is PETA’s policy on TNR (trap-neuter-release) and feral cats?

PETA on TNR and feral cats

“PETA’s position has never been that all feral cats should be euthanized.” The Infographic above explains PETA’s policy on TNR and feral cats in general. There has to be an overlap between their policy on TNR and their policy on feral cats. PETA has a reputation for killing cats. Some people think that they …

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