Home treatment for cat ear mites

Ear mite

Treating your cat’s ear mites is possible at home provided (a) you do it in conjunction with veterinary advice to first positively identify ear mites as the cause of the health problem and (b) your vet has examined the cat and determined that the ear drums are intact and (c) you clean your cat’s …

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Many types of bug can feel pain. Discuss.

Green Fly, Yellow Flower

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London found that insects have an ability called ‘nociception’ which allows them to “detect potentially or actually damaging stimuli”. Humans have a similar process as the source of signals which translate into a sensation that we regard as pain. The acute discomfort of pain is a warning to …

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Praying mantis strikes impressive defensive pose under attack from domestic cat

A praying mantis defends itself against a domestic cat attack

The video shows a domestic cat idly playing with a praying mantis that happened to be in the area (unfortunately for the praying mantis). Domestic cats instinctively regard insects as prey animals. Domestic cats often play with their prey as we know, and they like to mess around with insects to brighten up their …

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Cat owner relies on her two cats to kill venomous huntsman spiders (video)

Huntsman spider

NEWS AND COMMENT-SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: The first point to make is that although huntsman spiders use venom to immobilise prey and can reach up to 5 inches across, based upon my careful research they do not cause harm to domestic cats who kill them and perhaps sometimes devour them. If a cat devours a huntsman …

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When domestic cats kill insects are they causing pain to their prey?

Cat plays with grasshopper

A reliable source, Nathan Winograd, tells me that cockroaches can physically suffer. They have a central nervous system i.e. a brain and nerves, and a peripheral nervous system which connects the brain and the spinal cord to the rest of the body. They also have a sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for autonomous …

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What is the ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’ of a domestic cat?

Carbon dioxide equivalent of a domestic cat

The experts say that you should refer to “carbon dioxide equivalent” (CO2e) when discussing carbon footprints. This refers to the measurement of how much gas contributes to global warming relative to carbon dioxide. Are you interested in that? Here’s a bit more: you calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent of a quantity of gas by …

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