Celebrity Persian cat that ‘looks like my grandma’ is an inbred tragedy


Celebrating these sorts of deformed cats encourages others to acquire a similar cat and that is immoral. Read on please. Comedian Michael Rapaport, on Instagram, said that this cat looks like his grandma. “This little fucker looks like my GrandMa! I love my GrandMa but hate Cats.” It made me smile but there is …

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Elisa: You’re all invited to follow me on Instagram where you can get your daily dose of cute

You’re all invited to follow me on Instagram where you can look at cute pictures all day. Plus follow my articles, if you so choose. This project is two-fold. First to promote my articles using a service called “link in article” which allows writers to place a link to their work through Instagram. Another reason …

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Watson: Thanks to new ‘plastic boots,’ cat born with twisted legs can walk again

Meet Watson, a kitten born with twisted legs who can walk again, thanks to his new plastic boots. Watson was rescued as a kitten by American animal welfare organization Almost Home Animal Rescue League. It was quickly determined he was born with radial hypoplasia, a congenital disease that causes deformities of the limbs. The …

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A lonely pup chooses an abandoned kitten as her new best friend: Now they’re Instagram celebrities

This is the story of Raven and Woodhouse, who met and became best friends. Our tale begins when Christina and her fiance Vincent decided to adopt a dog together. The couple decided on a Tamaskan because they’d heard the breed was good around kids and small pets. It took awhile to find a breeder, but …

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Cat bath rap video is quickly going viral: Do you have a cat bath story to share?

This is just a quickie to get your week started off right. At least, I hope you enjoy the video below, which is quickly going viral. Take a look at “The Cat Rapper,” AKA MoShow, who’s really making a name for himself in the world of social media videos. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, …

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Instagram: photo-sharing to animal-selling

Instagram is meant to be a website where people share photos with ease. It is an extension of Facebook where you share words (and photos). Coming, as I have, from a different generation to modern man but still being relatively young in mind, I think there is too much of what I would call …

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