Happy cat campaign tip 3 – physical levelling up

Happy cat campaign tip 3 - the physical levelling up

Making our cats happy is our number one goal as cat caregivers. There are many ways to do it. Under this campaign I have already suggested two but there are thousands more on this website. This is the third tip in my happy cat campaign. It is about tackling what is a barrier between …

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Is it normal to not like cats?

Circuitous degradation of the cat to human relationship

Of course, it is normal to dislike cats. It is normal for humans to hate cats sometimes. This is because it is normal for humans to do a lot of strange and/or extreme things. But disliking cats is not an extreme thing. It is just the way of things are because people have preferences. …

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The kind of relationship you want to see between child and animal

Young girl enjoys the company of the family cat

The behaviour of the young girl in the video interacting with the family cat should be the parenting objective of all mothers and fathers as it will promote animal welfare going forward and improve the lives of both the cat and the child in the video. Of course, the parenting includes educating the child …

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6 signs your cat might be lonely. Discussion.

Lonely cat

This is a commentary on Dr. Sarah Wooten’s thoughts on lonely domestic cats and how they tell us that they are lonely (see video at base of article). How many domestic cats are lonely and bored? We don’t know. We should know. This topic gets mashed up with the idea that domestic cats sleep …

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Cats sniff your face at night to check that you are alive! I was the first to suggest this.

Cat sniffing their owner

Years ago, I suggested that at least some domestic cats sniff their owner’s face at night to check that they are still alive! Click this link to read that page. I wrote this at the time (about 6 years ago to the day): My firm impression is that cats sniff our face while we …

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Why do cats scratch some owners more than others?

Stress and irritability can lead to more cat scratches

I’d like to focus on one aspect of cat caregiving and a vital one. There is no doubt that a small percentage of cat owners are scratched by their cat not infrequently while other cat owners are hardly ever scratched. We don’t have percentages as there is no data on this. Socialised and healthy …

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Why does my cat’s back twitch or ripple when I touch it?

Cat back rippling in a healthy cat

If your cat is clearly healthy as observed in a non-expert’s way, it is not abnormal or a sign of a health problem if their back ripples when gently touched. It is more likely to happen if your cat is unaware of what is going on. It simply means that your cat is slightly …

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Bimodal communication with cats (video)

Me and Gabs talking about bimodal communication with cats

This is me talking about a French study on how to get cats to respond more quickly which might please a few people. Remember those articles based on another study which stated that cats only respond to a request to come if they are in the mood. The news media misinterpreted the scientists. Anyway, …

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