Stepan is a celebrity Ukrainian blogging cat and influencer from Kharkiv

Stephan surrounded by decorative pillows which are for sale at his online store.

Stepan in a remarkable cat in many ways. He appears to be a very passive, well-behaved tabby cat. He is completely normal and standard looking in terms of his appearance but his background, his history and his past lifestyle is far from normal. He comes from Kharkiv, Ukraine and that city was heavily shelled …

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The Definitive Reason Why Cats are so Popular on the Internet and about the “Blep”

Why are cats so popular on the internet? The answer to this oft asked question is provided by Alexis Ohanian who is the 32-year-old co-founder of Reddit which is a major social media website receiving over 200 million visits per month. Alexis Ohanian is a cat person, a “proud cat dad” and he’s smart. …

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Is The Internet Good or Bad for the Domestic Cat?

I think this is a very important topic because the influence of the internet is growing rapidily. Here are my pros and cons. Can you add yours? Internet Good For Domestic Cats Social media can be excellent because it can spread the word about cat rescue and cats that need homes. There are many …

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The Internet Cat Industrial Complex

The title is a quote by Ben Huh, founder and CEO of the cat media company Cheezburger. He says: “I think what we see here is the rise of the Internet cat industrial complex,” he says. “I go to a meeting or a conference, and all of a sudden people are, you know, I’ve got …

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Adopting a cat using social media

I’ve titled this because I’d like to share my experiences on adopting a cat using social media. Not only will this include Facebook, but any social media that offers cats using Petfinder, Craigslist or your local online newspaper. While I don’t approve of Craigslist because of the danger of meeting a real wacko, a …

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