Information on Facebook Dark Humor

Facebook’s ‘dark humor’ pages sometimes cross the line to criminality but Facebook is reluctant to remove them. Animal abuse is a worldwide problem and one that most organizations recognize as being unacceptable. So why is it that Facebook, the most popular social media website in history, doesn’t do more to keep pages and groups …

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The Dark Side of Cat Rescue

USA: There is a dark side to animal rescue, says Heather. I am not that well qualified to write about the dark side of rescue but I do know about it. I am referring to USA rescue for the sole reason that it is much discussed. You just don’t get the same kind of …

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Jim Stevenson aka Woodsman001

Is this Woodsman, 60, the notorious Internet troll who rants and raves inexhaustibly about “cat-lickers” and his hatred for the feral cat because he believes that it destroys native wild life especially native species of bird?1 Apparently Jim Stevenson is an ornithologist although that’s too fancy a word for him. Let’s just say he …

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