Interspecies friendships are charming and instructive. Infographic.

Interspecies friendships are charming and instructive

Well, here is another infographic by me on an important topic: interspecies friendships. Because we tend to anthropomorphise our cats and dogs, we sometimes forget that we are in an interspecies friendship; an incredibly successful one but with some dire failures, sadly, due to human error. We can do better. When we look at …

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Pretty fantasy picture of a deer licking a domestic cat

Picture of a deer licking a domestic cat as they became impromptu friends

This is a free-to-use fictional picture of a deer licking (cleaning) a domestic cat in a pretty garden surrounded by colourful flowers. Despite being a fantasy image, it is very much based in the real world. Wild deer can and do make impromptu friends with domestic cats who are allowed outside unsupervised in the …

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Can domestic cats breed with wildcats?

Domestic cats can and do mate with many species of wild cat

Yes, domestic cats can and do mate (breed) with wildcats. There is a slight complication in answering the question to do with definitions. The word ‘wildcat’ means the species of wild cat called ‘wildcats’! They are one species of small wild cat divided into four subspecies. They are the ancestor of the domestic cat …

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Domesticated duck and cat in a violent brawl and it’s 50/50

Duck attacks cat inside home

This is a real bust-up between a domestic cat and a domesticated duck living the same home. It’s one of those households where the owners love to have lots of animals. Something sparked off this confrontation. Suddenly they became enemies and the fight looks more of less 50/50 to me. It is rather sad …

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Dog picked his kitten friend at a farm and they’ve been in love ever since

Cat and dog lovers, Twig and Meadow

It is said that this dog and cat behave like a reincarnated elderly couple of married humans. I think they’re better than that to be honest because often an elderly couple are not really in love anymore and certainly not as loving to each other as Meadow the dog and Twig the cat, chosen …

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10 unlikely friendships between a cat and another animal

Asiatic bear Mausschen and Muschi the black cat

There are 10 highly unusual reported relationships between cats and another animal species on this page. I hope you enjoy them. They are pretty rare and tell us that interspecies relationships can be magical. Perhaps the most magical and certainly the most successful interspecies relationship is between humans and cats and dogs. The next …

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Domestic cat is dominant among foxes, raccoons and stone martens (Germany)

Proof that foxes don't bother adult domestic cats

It seems that the domestic cat is ‘top cat’ in the list of urban wildlife species in Germany (and elswhere). A team of scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) have helped us to understand the relationship between domestic cats and wild foxes, raccoons and martens in the urban environment; …

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