WARNING: Animals targeted by Hamas terrorists (video)

Israeli soldier cradles a frightened kitten during the Hamas-Israel war of October 2023

This is difficult reading and viewing but we have to face up to it. We have to face the harsh reality of what we are doing. Innocent animals and children are the most tragic victims of this war. I have to issue a warning for this video. The warning is not present on YouTube …

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Are the British to blame for Israel’s stray cat problem?

Feral cats Israel

It’s a well-known fact that there are an inordinate number of feral and stray cats in Israel. They are often semi-domesticated and therefore better described as community cats. Before I answer the question in the title, I have to touch on the question as to whether they are a genuine problem. In my view, …

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Jerusalem: woman feeding feral cats attacked by another woman and the police are disinterested

Feral cat feeder in Jerusalem attacked by woman

JERUSALEM – OPINION/NEWS: It seems that the war over feeding and not feeding feral cats (and TNR or killing feral cats) is the same in Jerusalem as it is in America. This is the big debate and it causes violence sometimes. The violence is always perpetrated against those who feed feral cats and not …

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Israel’s agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said that castrating cats is contrary to Jewish religious law

Sterilising the street cats of Jerusalem

Castrating the street cats of Jerusalem is vital but as you can see by the title above, not every Jerusalem resident can agree to it due to their religious beliefs. Actually, we’re talking about the neutering and spraying on a very large scale of the street cats of Jerusalem. This is indeed vital because …

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“Non-religious Western Jews are the most involved in animal welfare [in Jerusalem]”

Cat lover in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem…. “The more religious the group is, it turns out that they have the least experience with animals.” These are the words of a wonderful woman with a really nice voice and kind heart who helps the community of Jerusalem. She is an American and Jewish, it seems. I don’t know her name. …

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