What wild cats are in Texas?

Black bobcat

The bobcat and the mountain lion a.k.a. the puma are definitely in Texas. The ocelot is said by some to be in Texas. You will see a range of opinions on whether the ocelot is in Texas or whether it has become extinct in that state. If it does exist in Texas, it is …

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Are there jaguarundi in Florida?


Officially, there are no jaguarundi in Florida as the map below shows: Anecdotally, you will hear about sightings of jaguarundi in Florida from time to time. Perhaps there are some in this sunny state because they were released from a private zoo. These are the countries at 2014 (the latest information available) where this …

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What biome does the jaguarundi live in?

The jaguarundi is, “…most often seen in dense cover mixed with openings and edges”. From Paraguay (in the centre of South America and south of Brazil) to Texas (the far south of America and bordering Mexico) the jaguarundi lives amongst “thickets, scrub, dense brush, or chaparral (vegetation consisting chiefly of tangled shrubs and thorny …

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