Karma and the treatment of cats and dogs (Philippines)

Manila community cat

Desiree Carlos, an author and an animal advocate living and working in the Philippines, has written an interesting and useful article for the Manila Standard website. It’s about karma, dogs and cats. In the Philippines there appears to be quite a high number of stray cats and dogs. And Desiree was taught by her …

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Karma on a biblical scale hits Australia, China and Africa as nature retaliates for human abuses

Locust swarms of biblical proportions in east Africa. I'd say it is nature's karma

First we had the freakish wildfires, dust storms, hail and floods of Australia in the form of nature’s retaliation for the Australians’ abuse of feral cats, kangaroos and camels and the climate by mining coal extensively. Now we have China’s deadly coronavirus, nature’s way of telling humans that they can’t indecently abuse nature’s animals …

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Karma befalls Australians on Kangaroo Island


Australians have been trying to exterminate feral cats on Kangaroo Island with 1080 poison ejected from an evil device. The purpose? To protect precious Australian native species such as the endangered southern brown bandicoot which lives in the ‘under storey’. Now, bandicoot habitat has been destroyed by two fires which tore through the area …

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