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Increased thirst in a cat is not a laughing matter

Why is my cat thirsty?

Your cat might be thirsty for a good reason. Perhaps she has just eaten dry cat food which should make a domestic cat thirsty because it’s so dry! It’s a good thing that she...

Facial landmarks on cat showing facial expression when in pain

Is feline kidney disease painful?

I think the best answer to the question in the title is that a cat’s diseased kidneys do not cause pain themselves but where there is chronic kidney disease there is likely to be...

Feline bad breath

My cat’s breath smells bad

“My cat’s breath smells bad” is a common concern for cat owners. Bad breath is called “halitosis”. The problem shouldn’t be as common as it is because it is likely to be the consequence...

End stage feline kidney failure

Why do cats die of kidney failure?

Kidney failure is the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood. The waste products build up producing signs and symptoms of uremic poisoning (high levels of urea in the blood)....

What does dilute urine mean in cats?

What does dilute urine mean in cats?

Dilute urine means the kidneys are not functioning properly which probably means feline kidney disease. This is not uncommon in elderly domestic cats. The kidneys are ‘trash collectors’. The waste from digested food that...

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