Is the kitten healthy? Check list infographic.

Is the kitten healthy?

Click the infographic below for a larger version. It covers the essential basics in order to assess your chosen kitten for health which is the number one criteria when adopting a kitten and assessing the breeder’s integrity whether they are professionals or informal breeders.

P.S. There is a counterargument for adopting an unhealthy kitten! The objective is to save the kitten and dramatically improve their lives. The effort driven by altruism and a desire to help the less fortunate will be rewarded in a closer than normal bond which adds to the pleasure that the relationship brings.

Comments are welcome! Personal stories of kitten adoption are instructional. Please share.

Signs of illness in kittens – developmentally immature, chilling, worms and feline herpesvirus

Single newborn kitten cuddling up to mother

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