Online Video Leads to Arrest of Teenager for Throwing Kitten Into Reservoir

Man allowed himself to be filmed committing animal cruelty crime

Warning: this is an unsettling video but it is watchable – just. Don’t watch it if you think it will hurt you. This is another example of self-declared animal abuse criminality. We don’t know what happened to the kitten. The Patterson Police Services issued a press release at 7 PM Feb 2nd 2018 in …

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China: 72-year-old Chinese Man Tormented by the Sound of a Kitten Crying in the Flat Below

Chen at door

Mr Chen, 72, lives in a block of flats in Xi’an, China. In China people go away during Chinese New Year to see relatives. Sometimes they go away for some time. Downstairs he heard the sound of a cat crying. This happened time and time again. Over time the cries became weaker. Mr Chen …

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Kitten flushed down toilet by 2-year-old is rescued by Kansas fire department

Your happy ending story this week comes out of Ford County, Kansas and is brought to you courtesy of Ford County Fire & EMS(FCFD). What started off as an interesting rescue call turned into a life or death rescue of a three-week-old kitten, who was flushed down a toilet by a two-year-old. FCFD was …

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The most horrendous and sad cat video you’ll see

This makes me mad. It makes me sad. It’s about education – the dire lack of it. It is about how a lack of education can and often does lead to cat abuse and cruelty. Ignorance is behind all cat cruelty; all of it, and I hate ignorance. What I’m saying is that ignorance …

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Maine Coon Kitten with Spectacles and Tufts

Maine Coon kitten

The spectacles refer to the white fur around the eyes. Cat breeders sometimes call the appearance ‘spectacles’. The tufts are the lynx tips at the tip of the ears and these ones are particularly outstanding. This is the hallmark of the Maine Coon as is the strong, square shaped muzzle which is very evident …

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