Klepto-cats: the reason why they are natural born burglars

Charlie a klepto-cat

NEWS AND COMMENT: From time-to-time news media reports on the klepto-cat. You must have seen them online. They are domestic cats who like to ‘burgle’ and ‘thieve’ in human terms. They thieve objects as diverse as a plush toy or a spoon, or wherever else they can find. They tend to go for objects …

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Kleptomaniac Norwegian Forest Cat steals poisonous lily in pot and brings it home

Paddy, a five-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat living Newmarket, England “steals” objects from neighbours and brings them home. His owner, Paul Terry, said: “I was most impressed when he brought a lily in a pot home. I have no idea how he did it.” We know that lily pollen is very toxic to cats. It …

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Kleptocats: play-hunt with them to stop it

Do kleptocats tells us something about cat behaviour and the instinctive drives within our domestic cats? Dusty is an American kleptocat and Norris is an English kleptocat. Norris lives in Bristol, England. He is a two year old tabby. He roams the Bristol suburb, Bedminster, where he lives and “steals” anything and everything from …

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