Maine Coon is treated to a ‘cataccino’ at Starbucks in adorable video

Maximus enjoys his cappuccino

Maximus the Maine Coon visited Starbucks the other day and enjoyed a creamy cappuccino which you can see in this adorable, viral video. It’s all about the cream and not the coffee. The video starts with an image of the Starbucks menu which includes a “Pup Cup”. We are used to seeing dogs eat …

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Why can cats tolerate mother’s colostrum but cannot tolerate cow’s milk?

Kittens drinking their mother's colostrum

A lot of websites say that cats are lactose intolerant meaning that they can’t drink the milk that humans drink (some humans are lactose intolerent too, by the way). The reason is because they don’t have the enzyme lactase in order to digest lactose in milk sugar. When a cat is lactose intolerant it …

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Why does milk cause diarrhoea in cats?

Painting by Meta Plückebaum

It’s pretty well known across the cat world that cow’s milk causes diarrhoea in cats. Notwithstanding that there are thousands of photographs of domestic cats lapping up milk out of a saucer on the Internet. These are often old photographs from archives dating back many years. Cats do like milk because it contains a …

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Cat Eating Ice Cream Brain Freeze

When domestic cats eat ice cream their brains freeze. That’s what they say. It is because the cat appears to be temporarily frozen. Firstly, I wouldn’t say that their brain “freezes” and secondly cats may respond differently. I would say that cats react to an unexpected experience. Domestic cats like ice cream because of …

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