‘Dead cat strategy’ needs to be discarded

Dead cat strategy

The unfortunate and unpleasant phrase used in government and business ‘dead cat strategy’ needs to be discarded and never used again. Currently, in the UK, there is an enquiry into how the UK government dealt with the Covid-19 crisis (very badly by all accounts). It will cost a staggering £200m! What a waste of …

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TikTok thinks that ‘Maine Coon’ may be associated with hateful behaviour

TikTok thinks 'Maine Coon' may be associated with hateful behavior

You can’t search for “Maine Coon” on TikTok because their internal search engine rejects the term as they think that it ‘may be associated with hateful behaviour’. It’s time to change the name of the Maine Coon 😢. It is out of step with the woke era. It is a valid point, actually. The …

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‘Your cat’ in French


In French you can say ‘your cat’ in one of two ways depending on whether you are familiar with the person with whom you are conversing. If you are friendly with the person or know them well you use the phrase ‘ton chat’. If you are talking to a stranger you say: ‘votre chat’. …

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Why is a lion called a lion?


The question is about the etymology of the word ‘lion’. My research informs me that the word is derived from the Latin ‘leo’ and Ancient Greek ‘leon’. Leon is also a first name for people of Greek origin since ancient times. Leon appears to have preceded the Latin ‘leo’. It seems to me that …

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