Are Maine Coons dangerous?

Massive muzzle on Maine Coon

Maine Coons are positively not dangerous; quite the opposite. I have asked this strange question in the title because Google tells me that people search the internet for information on this topic. The idea that they might be dangerous and hence the question is probably because they are the largest domestic cat breed. Their …

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Giant Maine Coon Pictures

People want to see giant Maine Coon pictures because people like large domestic cats. Perhaps we like all things large or small. The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed other than wildcat hybrids. But this doesn’t mean that individual random bred cats can’t be larger, some of them are and some Maine Coons …

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Cat photos: one enormous Maine Coon and one strange black-and-white coat

This is another very impressively large Maine Coon cat. I don’t know his name. I don’t know where the photograph was taken either. Perhaps someone can help? What you can see from the photograph is that his face is about the same size as the face of his human guardian (including the fur!), which …

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Huge Maine Coon

This is a huge and handsome Maine Coon. His name is Gizmo. He wins lots of prizes at cat show which is predictable as he is so special. His size is slightly unreal. When he behaves like a cat and swats the cat tease held by the judge, Jean-Marc Lagarde from France, it seems …

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