Police officers’ dereliction of duty under the Fourth Amendment results in a $16 million civil lawsuit and a dog’s death

Lawyer for the victims delivers a speech at a conference

NEWS AND COMMENT: The basics in this Fox News story are pretty straightforward. Three police officers in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA, entered an apartment unlawfully because they had failed to obtain a warrant where they shot a dog twice and tasered the dog. The dog was fatally harmed and euthanised. The three police …

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‘Cat man’ Ed Sheeran scotches music copyright violation claims for others

Ed outside court after the litigation

Anybody who has plans to sue a musician for a violation of their intellectual property rights concerning their musical composition may have to think twice about it after Ed Sheeran successfully defended for the second time claims against him for music copyright violations. Ed Sheeran is a cat man or perhaps it is his …

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Compensation mesothelioma – cats and dogs

Derelict buildings may contain asbestos

Companion cats and dogs can develop mesothelioma like humans. Mesothelioma is a devastating asbestos-related illness; an aggressive and deadly type of cancer. For a cat to get it they would have to be exposed to asbestos fibers and therefore they would normally be indoor/outdoor cats although some homes have asbestos embedded in their construction …

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