KitKat cat malpractice allegation: Lazy 5 Vets’ response is inadequate

Lazy 5 Vets response to allegation of malpractice

Lazy 5 Vets have provided a formal response to Starla Daniel’s complaint of malpractice resulting in the killing of her cat but the response is opaque and inadequate. It omits to deal with a crucial aspect of the consultation: why the vet tech was bitten by KitKat despite being warned by Starla Daniel that it might happen.

Lazy 5 Vets Needlessly Killed Client’s Cat Then Chopped His Head off and Billed Her

Kitkat was needlessly killed by animal hospital staff

This is one of those veterinary hospital rabies alerts which ends tragically and which should never have taken place in the first place. And it’s all the fault of the damned hospital if we believe the story teller. The page has been updated to reflect developments. (1) Important note at Tues 9th Jan 2018 …

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