Leopard kept on biting the cheek, ear and head of erotic model

Troja and Jessica

EASTERN GERMANY – NEWS AND COMMENT: An erotic model has been scarred for life after a captive leopard at a retirement home for show animals attacked her. She was inside the leopard’s enclosure at the time doing a photoshoot. At one stage the authorities thought that the leopard had escaped but that was not …

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4th-century mosaic of leopard attacking an antelope to stay in Britain

4th century Roman mosaic of leopard attacking an antelope from Dorset, UK

It is hoped that a Roman mosaic from the 4th-century of a leopard attacking an antelope, which was discovered in the grounds of Dewlish House in Dorset in 1974, will stay in the country. It is the sort of historical work of art which should not be allowed to go overseas and which should …

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Do leopards eat monkeys?

Leopard hunts a baby monkey

Yes, leopards eat monkeys but it depends on where the leopard is living. They have an enormous distribution, the largest of all the wild cat species. In “some forested areas leopards take a surprisingly large number of monkeys”1. This should not surprise us because leopards catch prey opportunistically, killing vulnerable animals wherever they are …

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Are leopards good hunters?


There is not a lot of data on the success rate of leopards hunting because they are secretive, solitary and often nocturnal to avoid humans. I am referring to the leopards of Africa. They are sometimes called ‘common leopards’. Estimates indicate that the leopard is not highly successful in hunting. T.N. Bailey in The …

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Leopard hunts and attacks pet dog inside home

Leopard attacks dog inside home

This is Mumbai, India where they have a compact nature reserve very near or inside the city. There are leopards inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I am guessing but it seems likely that the leopard in the video wandered out of the reserve into someone’s home looking for food. I seems remarkable and …

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Leopard kills Buddhist monk meditating under a tree

Buddhist monk killed by leopard during morning prayers

Three Buddhist monks were meditating under a tree in a forest about 510 miles west of the state capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, within a protected reserve for leopards and tigers and where four other fatal attacks have occurred in recent weeks. The monks had ignored warnings from officials about going too far into the …

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