Can a domestic cat mate with a lion or a tiger?

Lion x domestic cat

Without quoting any experts, common sense dictates that domestic cats cannot, or should not on ethical grounds, mate with a lion or tiger or any other big cat species for several reasons. Firstly, their size difference is too large to make it practical. Secondly, in an encounter between a big cat and the much …

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Emotional and behavioural problems in hybrid big cats

The strange and exotic big cat hybrids such as the tigon and liger, which fascinate many people, may be creating unforeseen emotional issues in their female parent. Until this article I have only discussed the appearance of hybrid big cats such as the tigon (male tiger x female lion) and liger (male lion x …

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Comparing purebred and hybrid (cats)

Comparing purebred and hybrid using cats

Comparing purebred and hybrid could apply to many species but I’ll use cats as an example. Purebred cats have a pedigree which means that the cat’s father and mother, grandfather and grandmother, great grandfather and great grandmother and so on are recorded. And breeders have to breed according to the breed standard and meet …

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