Andean mountain cat diverged from a common ancestor with the ocelot

Andean mountain cat and the Andes

The Andean mountain cat looks like a grey tabby domestic cat with strong markings but is distinctly wild and is a member of a group of small wild cats comprising the ocelot, margay, pampas cat, oncilla, Geoffroy’s cat and the kodkod, all under the umbrella of the ‘ocelot lineage’. An in-depth study of molecular …

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Could my cat be part Maine Coon?

2x Cute Fluffy Half maine coon kittens for sale

Your cat could be part Maine Coon but the only way you might be able to find out is with a DNA test (but see below). I can see that one so-called expert website states that you can confirm if you own a part Maine Coon by looking into their eyes. I am afraid …

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