Inauthentic breeding and shooting of lions in South Africa might be banned

Canned lion hunting might be banned in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA-NEWS AND VIEWS: The South African government has realised that public opinion is turning against one of their major businesses: the captive breeding, captive hunting, captive petting (of cubs) and captive use and abuse of lions. In that vein they want to provide tourists, which has to include trophy and sport hunters, with …

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South African animal welfare chief accused of animal cruelty

Lions with total mange on John Steinman's farm in SA

This is a case of horrendous hypocrisy and equally horrendous animal neglect, abuse and cruelty. The story also highlights, once again, the state of disarray, corruption and animal exploitation that takes place in South Africa with respect to lions. It is a great shame and a travesty of animal rights that the lion, one …

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Testosterone fuelled white hunters and corrupt black officials destroy the lion in SA

Lion skull worth over $1000

Hey guys, there’s a roaring trade in lion bones in South Africa (SA). You know why? The white guys are testosterone fuelled hunters and hunt organisers or lion breeders and the black officials and politicians are corrupt. A great double act guaranteed to kill-off wildlife. Between them they are destroying the lion in South …

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