50-year population decline for the lion, tiger, leopard and cheetah in an Infographic

Population decline of lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah of the past 50 years

Here is an Infographic telling us about the shocking decline in population numbers of four iconic wild cat species. These are for big cats. I have left out the jaguar which is a classic big cat for no particular reason. It’s important to remember that, as stated in the Infographic, the best experts in …

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World Cup Qatar 2022 Sheikh’s son invites British fan to palace to see pet lions

Pet lion cub in palace in Qatar during the World Cup 2022

Young fan said: “We met one of the Sheikh’s sons & he took us back to the palace!” 😮. He was mooching around the area where the tournament is taking place and the Sheikh’s son invited them to the palace (I guess one of them) and at the palace was a menagerie apparently of …

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The ‘authoritative’ Red List of Threatened Species is flawed and opens the door to trophy hunting

IUCN Red List Categories

The Red List should be called “Red Lost”, they are so hopeless. At last, the experts have decided that the so-called ‘authoritative’ IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is behind the curve in assessing how endangered iconic species are to extinction. The “Red List” is a vitally important organisation in conservation. It is they …

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How many lions are left in the world 2021?

Male lion

Fortunately, the IUCN Red List, the organisation charged with compiling data on the population sizes of wild cat species, can provide us with a figure which is 23,000-39,000 mature individuals. They say that the population is not severely fragmented but that it continues to decline. The population trend is: decreasing. I’m going to rely …

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Brexit forces rushed export of three lionesses from England to Germany

Three lionesses Rubi Heidi and Indi

London Zoo is exporting three lionesses to Schwerin Zoo in Germany in a rush to avoid what will probably be far more stringent export regulations after 1 January 2021 when the UK finally leaves the European Union. The zoo is exporting the cats to Germany to try and improve their chances of mating with …

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Testosterone fuelled white hunters and corrupt black officials destroy the lion in SA

Lion skull worth over $1000

Hey guys, there’s a roaring trade in lion bones in South Africa (SA). You know why? The white guys are testosterone fuelled hunters and hunt organisers or lion breeders and the black officials and politicians are corrupt. A great double act guaranteed to kill-off wildlife. Between them they are destroying the lion in South …

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Trump administration promotes trophy hunting in Africa including lions

Cecil the Lion savages Palmer in Halloween Costume

It’s unsurprising but Trump has done something terribly wrong. He has undone the work of former president Obama in restricting the importation of hunting trophies from Africa. Quietly the US Fish and Wildlife Service have lifted a ban on the importation of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia and they have also published new …

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