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Male lion

How many lions are left in the world 2021?

Fortunately, the IUCN Red List, the organisation charged with compiling data on the population sizes of wild cat species, can provide us with a figure which is 23,000-39,000 mature individuals. They say that the...

Trannquillised (sedated) lions ready for relocation to a new area in a conservation program

Picture of 10 sedated lions

This picture of 10 sedated lions was taken by a drone in my opinion. They are ten of twenty-four selected from around South Africa in 2018 and moved to a part of the Zambezi...

Prince Harry watches over a sedated male lion checking his heart beat.

Prince Harry Does Not Want to Be a Prince

Judging by his love for living rough in the African bush while contemplating lion conservation and how best to enhance it, we are compelled to come to the conclusion that Prince Harry prefers to...

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