A “good” guy, Richard Cooke, organized the trophy hunters who killed Xanda the eldest son of Cecil

Xanda, son of Cecil killed by tropy hunter

Astonishingly, the man, Mr Loveridge, who fitted the GPS collar to Xanda the lion recently killed by trophy hunters in Zimbabwe, says that the person who organised the hunt resulting in the killing of this lion is Richard Cooke from RC Safaris who he describes as one of the ‘good’ guys. Weird moral standards… …

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Professor Stephen Hawking FRS Urges British Government to Ban the Importation of Lion Products

Melissa Bachman

Professor Stephen Hawking FRS has joined up with Virginia McKenna, Will Travers and others, including Joanna Lumley, to urge the British government to take urgent action to prevent the continued disappearance of African lions. America has placed heavy restrictions the importation of lion products. It is time that the British government followed suit. They …

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Television Celebrity Lions Poisoned to Death by Cattle Herders in Kenya

Cattle herders are still routinely poisoning lions across Africa in order to protect their cows. They don’t know the consequences of what they’re doing. Conservationists have warned that poisoning lions in this reckless manner has huge knock-on effects. Other animals eat the same poisoned meat and they die too. Then there is tourism. This …

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African Farmers Poisoning Lions Backfires in Jeopardising Human Health with Anthrax

We know that farmers, specifically cattle herders, use poison to kill predators such as the African lion. They do this by lacing the carcass of a cow with poison. This can have the effect of wiping out a whole pride of lions but in addition it also kills the vultures which feed on the …

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One Thousand Lions Shot For Pleasure Annually in South Africa


South Africa is not sufficiently interested in animal welfare. The country’s authorities and the businesses in that country are simply more interested in making money out of the wild species which happen to inhabit the country and this, of course, includes the lion; the animal which is most abused and exploited. The president of …

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