Warning – nasty: circus trainer mauled by lioness but survives

Lioness, Vega, attacks trainer, Maxi Orlov, in circus in Russia

A lioness, Vega, savagely mauls a trainer inside a small circus enclosure. The trainer, Maxim Orlov, struggles to get rid of the attacking lioness. He must have been hurt on his legs although he gets up each time. Fortunately, he was not bitten around his head. The second lioness joins in. It looks really …

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Do female lions have manes?

Female lion with mane

Female lions very rarely have manes due to relatively high levels of testosterone. Male lions can lose their mane for the opposite reason: low levels of testosterone, after, for example, being castrated. THERE ARE SOME MORE ARTICLES ON THE LION MANE AT THE BASE OF THE PAGE. In Sept 2016, NewScientist reported that a …

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Playful, pet white lioness kills her owner accidentally

Mathewson and white lioness

NEWS AND OPINION – SOUTH AFRICA: While playing with his pet, white female lions who he had raised from newborn kittens, West Mathewson, 68, was killed by one of them because “instincts got the better of one of them”. He was seriously injured and died on the way to hospital. You know how you …

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Damn them to hell the Palestinians who declawed a young lioness

Declawing a lioness in a Palestinian zoo

This is the height of human barbarity against a zoo animal. It’s about as low as humankind can get in their relationship with animals when they hack off the claws of a young lioness at a Palestinian zoo (Rafa Zoo, Gaza). The reason? So visitors can play with the lion without being scratched. It …

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Pictures of lion cub rescued by mother

Lion cub rescued by mother

This picture series of a lion cub being rescued by his mother are by Jean-Francois Lagrot. An excellent series of photographs. [weaver_show_posts cats=”” tags=”lion-cubs” author=”” author_id=”” single_post=”” post_type=” orderby=”date” sort=”ASC” number=”3″ show=”full” hide_title=”” hide_top_info=”1″ hide_bottom_info=”1″ show_featured_image=”1″ hide_featured_image=”” show_avatar=”” show_bio=”” excerpt_length=”” style=”background-color:HoneyDew; border:2px dotted darkgrey; padding:12px” class=”” header=”Associated pages (this is a selection. Please search …

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