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Female lion with mane

Do female lions have manes?

Female lions very rarely have manes due to relatively high levels of testosterone. Male lions can lose their mane for the opposite reason: low levels of testosterone, after, for example, being castrated. THERE ARE...

Lion cub rescued by mother

Pictures of lion cub rescued by mother

This picture series of a lion cub being rescued by his mother are by Jean-Francois Lagrot. An excellent series of photographs. [weaver_show_posts cats=”” tags=”lion-cubs” author=”” author_id=”” single_post=”” post_type=” orderby=”date” sort=”ASC” number=”3″ show=”full” hide_title=”” hide_top_info=”1″...

Transgender Lion

She is a female lion – a lioness – living in Botswana’s Okavango Delta but looks and behaves very much like a male lion and the most discernible feature is her magnificent, flowing mane....

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