Deceptive floof (longhaired cat)

The deceptive floof

“Deceptive floof” is an amusing and nice way describe the longhaired cat with a slender body underneath. You get some really amusing comments about the deceptive floof such as: Perceptions From a slightly scientific point of view, the way the Persian cat immediately went through this mesh fence in the video above tells me …

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Cat Hairballs: information and thoughts

Feline vomiting a hairball?

The stomach of cats is designed to accept hair. It has to be as a lot of hair is ingested during grooming. Sometimes too much for longhaired cats. Medical – mainly a longhaired cat problem Longhaired cats accumulate hair in the stomach as hairballs. They can be regurgitated rather than passing through the digestive …

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Woolly Cheetah

Woolly cheetah

The woolly cheetah no longer exists. They were shot rather than captured. If the woolly cheetah was a different species of cheetah we will never know. When they were in existence some people thought they were a different species while others thought they were the same species but subject to a genetic mutation which …

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Longhaired domestic cats become more active and happier after a lion cut

Persian cat with lion cut

This is an interesting observation from Dr Bruce Fogle in one of his books (Complete Cat Care) which is confirmed anecdotally on the internet. Usually placid longhaired cats become ‘markedly more active and involved in family life’ after their fur is trimmed down. This is usually in the form of a lion cut in …

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We don’t see many feral cats with long fur

3 cats in a cat colony

Why don’t we see many feral cats with long fur? It is about functionality. The suggested answer is that long fur is unsuited in most places because it requires human attention to keep it in good condition. Without human intervention the skin can become infested and infected as it becomes matted. Another less important …

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Do Persians get too hot when in close contact with people?

Persian cat

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense suggests that longhaired cats, particularly Persians, have a reputation for being lethargic. Persian cats do indeed have a reputation for being lethargic and decorative. The general view is that this character trait is bred into them through selective breeding. It is part of their personality. But …

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