Are blind cats more affectionate?

Samuel a loving and highly affectionate blind cat rescued from a hoarder

Are blind cats more affectionate? I don’t know for sure but I’ll guess that they are because they are more vulnerable. They need a human carer more urgently than a sighted cat. They are more dependent on a human guardian. This may strengthen the relationship which may lead to a blind cat becoming more …

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Do cats know what kisses are?

Kissing your cat

Domestic cats don’t understand the full range of meanings of human kisses as humans do. For humans the kiss has considerable significance. There are a lot of connotations and underlying meanings. In fact the human kiss can mean different things at different times and under different circumstances. Nearly all of these are not on …

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Cheetah love is scaled up domestic cat love and it can hurt

Cheetah loving behavior is scaled up domestic cat behavior

Dolph Volker has a cheetah friend who behaves just like a domestic cat when it comes to loving behavior. And cheetahs can be like this: very domesticated and friendly. It is one of their endearing characteristics. There is a long history of people hunting with cheetahs based on this friendly behavior. The difference between …

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Loving a Cat

by Michael The love that I have for my cats is a very pure love. It is unencumbered by human silliness. It is unconditional. Do you have the same sort of love for your cat? You can find out how much you love your cat by the impact she has on you when she …

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