Lykoi Maine Coon mix called a Lycoon

Formally speaking the Maine Coon Lykoi mix is a hypothetical breed and will never happen under the auspices of the cat fancy

This man on TikTok, Robert Coad (robertcoad530), claims to have bred a Maine Coon/Lykoi hybrid or a Maine Coon Lykoi mix which he calls a Lycoon. And he appears to be doing this informally in his apartment or house. He presents his efforts on TikTok. He is very pleased with himself but I’m not …

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Moggy foster cat unexpectedly gave birth to a Lykoi aka werewolf kitten

Gracie with Brianna before Gracie lost her fur

An ‘ordinary’ random-bred (moggy) cat that was being fostered by Brianna Walton in the US gave birth to a litter of kittens one of whom Brianna named Gracie. She was fond of Gracie and decided to adopt her. And then strangely, when Gracie was five weeks old, she started to lose her fur. She …

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Ten fine photos of Lykoi cats

Lykoi Cat Portrait

Here are 10 selected, fine photographs of the unusual but popular Lykoi cat. I hope you like them. You can click on the images to go to a new page where you will see a larger image and some words about this breed (for deesktop only). I am indebted to Sarah Hartwell for the …

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Pictures of Lykoi and Sphynx cats

Lykoi and Sphynx. They are Lobo and Dobby.

This is 2-year-old Lobo a Lykoi cat, commonly called the werewolf cat, and his buddy, Dobby, who is a Sphynx. The latter is hairless and the former is half-hairless. You have to like hairlessness to like the appearance of these cats whose photographs were taken for their Instagram webpage (sphynx_dobby_lykoi_lobo) by Martin Potgieter who …

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Picture of a Lykoi Cat

Good picture of Lykoi cat

This is a good picture of a Lykoi Cat or Wolf Cat. I improved the image quality a bit. It comes from the Sahasrara Cattery in Austria I believe. The picture is on their Facebook page. The woman who breeds them calls the cat, ‘My little wolverine sweetheart’ combined with a ton of sweet …

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Awesome Possum: Veterinarian believes cat born to feral litter in NC may be a rare “werewolf” cat

Not all cats are born cute and cuddly. Some come into this world with a uniqueness rarely seen in a cat. This is the story of Awesome Possum, a possible Lykoi cat born into a feral litter. Possum was born in central North Carolina around July 4, 2015, to a normal looking litter of …

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