What is a colourpoint cat?

Javanese is a colourpoint cat

There are two separate topics to discuss under the heading “colourpoint cat”. There are purebred cats of various breeds with pointing. These are all colourpoint cats. So, the term ‘colourpoint cat’ can apply to, for example, a pointed Persian cat called a Himalayan cat or a pointed British Shorthair cat. It’s an umbrella term …

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My cat was shaved for sterilization and the new fur is a different color. This explains why.

Shaved cat has different colored fur when shaved

On Twitter a cat owner uploaded a picture of her tabby cat with this caption: My cat got shaved for sterilization but new fur become different color XD. I have changed the wording a little but the photograph is interesting: So why is this? The first observation that I have is that the tail …

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What is a Lynx Point Siamese?

A lynx point Siamese cat has tabby markings within the usually pointing. The extremities of a Siamese cat are darker than the other areas. This is called ‘pointing’. The pointing colour varies and is nearly always a solid colour such as ‘seal’ (very dark brown) or ‘blue’ (a light bluish-grey). But with the lynx …

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