Maine Coon cat became depressed after the pandemic

Maine Coon depression due to isolation resolved by adopting another Maine Coon cat. But whilst the problem entirely resolved? Domestic cats need the companionship of their human caregiver as well.

There is a story online today about a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat who became depressed when the Covid-19 lockdowns ended. The cat’s name is Mango. He’s male because nearly all ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the coat is sex-linked. He lives in Romania. His owner is Mady Mondan and partner. She …

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Fluvoxamine (Luvox) given to an aggressive Maine Coon cat which cured him

Aggressive Maine Coon given a long course of an antidepressant

I am reading a short summary on the treatment of an aggressive Maine Coon cat. The summary does not paint the entire picture which in one way makes it interesting and in another it makes it irritating. There are some holes in the story. This is the story: a Maine Coon cat was being …

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Bigger cat, bigger problems with the Maine Coon?

Bigger domestic cat bigger problems - no

One TikTok video maker stated that if you adopt a Maine Coon cat – the biggest domestic cat – you bring into your home bigger problems than you would if you had adopted a regular domestic cat. It is a philosophical question. Well, perhaps not that philosophical 😎 but it is a topic worth …

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Maine Coon is treated to a ‘cataccino’ at Starbucks in adorable video

Maximus enjoys his cappuccino

Maximus the Maine Coon visited Starbucks the other day and enjoyed a creamy cappuccino which you can see in this adorable, viral video. It’s all about the cream and not the coffee. The video starts with an image of the Starbucks menu which includes a “Pup Cup”. We are used to seeing dogs eat …

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Human: “How are you?” Maine Coon responds with “How are you?”

Maine Coon says "How are you?"

Some observers are saying that this is remarkable but I don’t think that it is. It is very cute, however. And it is an example of how cats are good observational learners. They learn from watching their human caregivers and in this instance, this intelligent Maine Coon has decided to copy the words of …

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Do Maine Coons act like dogs? Read why the question is misleading.

Maine Coon

So called experts say that Maine Coons are dog-like. The top Google search result declares with unwavering confidence that Maine Coons act like dogs. Come on, please πŸ˜‡ . All Maine Coons are not specifically ‘dog-like’ and they don’t act like dogs because they are cats acting like cats. That’s obvious but it needs …

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