maine coon cat

Cats as American state animals

There are five cats as state animals in America. Florida: Florida Panther (1982 - state animal - actually the state…

3 weeks ago

Do Maine Coon cats make good pets?

This article is for people who are new to caring for a domestic cat. I say that because the title…

2 months ago

Pictures of pet caracal with Maine Coon companion

Interesting photographs of a pet caracal snuggling up to a Maine Coon but what are the ethical issues behind this?

6 months ago

Picture Of Black Maine Coon Family

This is a Helmi Flick photograph of a black Maine Coon family. Not only is it an excellent photograph it…

1 year ago

These three Maine Coons will make you want one

This is a short video of three magnificent Maine Coon cats. This breed is head and shoulders above others for…

1 year ago

Personality difference between male and female Maine Coons

When adopting a Maine Coon cat some people like to know whether there is a difference between females and males…

1 year ago

Picture Of A Humongous And Gorgeous Maine Coon

Is she carrying a shaggy medium-to-large dog or a cat? He looks like a large dog for heaven's sake. And…

1 year ago

Maine Coon with Van Coat Photo

This is a Helmi Flick photo of an impressive Maine Coon show cat with a nice Van coat: inverted 'V'…

1 year ago

Maine Coon cats more expensive to insure than Bengal cats

A Which? survey found that in the UK, health insurance for Maine Coon cats costs £114 and for Bengal cats…

2 years ago

The Maine Coon with a Lion’s Face

Here is a lion's face for comparison: The cat has a black smoke coat I believe. It is very intense.…

2 years ago