Picture shows tiger’s jaws clamped on arm pushed through fencing as the man is on the ground screaming for help

River Rosenquist, 26, the cleaner who acted recklessly by petting a Malayan tiger through its cage resulting in the tiger clamping his jaws around the man's arm

NEWS AND COMMENT: You may have heard of the story of the Malayan tiger Eko, at Naples Zoo, Florida, USA who was shot at point blank range in the neck by a deputy police officer. The reason why the officer shot the Eko is because he had clamped its jaws around the arm of …

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Act of human folly by a cleaner cost the life of this rare Malayan tiger

Eko a Malayan tiger shot dead at Naples Zoo

NEWS AND COMMENT-NAPLES ZOO, FLORIDA USA: A rare Malayan tiger whose name was Eko, was shot dead by a police deputy because he had grabbed the arm of a cleaner which had been stuffed into his enclosure to pet or feed the tiger. The cleaner was an employee of a third-party contracting company. They …

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