Should I neuter my cat? Ask a cat breeder.

2012 a breeding queen

A person who wants to adopt a male cat might ask why they should neuter their cat if they are going to be indoors full-time and there will be no other cats in the home; no chance of procreation. Incidentally, the word “neuter” has two meanings. It can mean the removal of the male …

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Sometimes male cats can’t be neutered for this reason

Feliway diffuser may stop this

Sometimes male cats cannot be neutered. And it is entirely legitimate to leave them unsterilised and “whole”. This occurs when the cat cannot be put under a general anaesthetic. A veterinarian needs to put a male cat under a general anaesthetic to remove their testes. A cat with early-stage hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) or any …

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How male cat neutering affects their appearance

The effect of neutering male cats on their appearance

Am I the only person who is concerned about the effect that neutering has on a male domestic cat’s appearance? There is almost nothing, perhaps there is absolutely nothing, on the Internet or in the books that I have on whether people are concerned about the effect of neutering on the appearance of male …

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If you have six cats there is an 80% chance of urine spraying

Multicat home increases the chances of spraying urine

Domestic cats spraying urine in the home is obviously highly unpleasant but is entirely normal behaviour for a domestic cat under certain circumstances. I was surprised to read some rather shocking statistics in Dr Bruce Fogle’s book Complete Cat Care. He correctly says that cats spray urine for two completely different reasons, (1) a …

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Is cat spraying the same as urinating?

Cat spraying purpose

No, cat spraying is not the same as urinating. They have different purposes. The purpose of urinating is to eliminate waste from the cat’s body while the purpose of cat spraying is far more intricate but very specific. Cat spraying is scent-marking but what does territorial scent marking signify and what signals does it …

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Do female cats spray?

Yes, adult female cats spray urine for scent-marking purposes. However, mature males spray urine far more frequently at 99% of total spraying activity in a study (Methods of scent marking in the domestic cat by Hilary N Feldman, May 26 1994 – the entire study is published here – see base of page). In …

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