How do indoor domestic cats get mange?

Notoedres cati mite

Full-time indoor domestic cats should not get mange but they might. Mange is caused by an external parasite called a mite which lives on and in the skin of the host animal. There are a variety of species of mite. The word “mange” is an umbrella term to describe the itchy condition caused by …

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Homeopathic treatments for mange in feral and stray cats

Homeopathic mange cure for foxes but will it work for cats?

As it is not known widely known, I would like to pass on information that I have gathered through personal experience about the treatment of mange, which can affect feral cats. Sarcoptic mange is the most common infection in foxes and foxes can pass it onto cats sometimes. Veterinarians will normally recommend a topical …

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Blind and suffering from mange, witness the incredible transformation of this abandoned cat in Florida

Cat transformed in appearance

This is the story of Cotton, an angelic white beauty found wandering the streets of Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Cotton was in pitiful condition when he walked up to a man who spotted him and began eating from the bowl of food the man had brought along for his own cat. It appeared Cotton …

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