Where do jaguars live (2022)?

How do Jaguars adapt to the rainforest?

Where do Jaguars live? is a question quite a lot of people ask and the answer is a little surprising because we are used to the big wild cats living in Africa (leopard, lion, cheetah) and Asia (tiger, leopard). Jaguar – photo by Property#1 (Very Busy) (new window) RELATED: Are jaguars…13 questions answered about …

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Are there Siberian tigers in China?

Siberian Tiger

The Siberian tiger (Amur tiger) distribution includes the northeastern tip of China at my last reckoning. Therefore historically Siberian tigers are in China. However, there is an interesting story in The Times newspaper today (Didi Tang), Tuesday, April 27, 2021, about a Siberian tiger that went on the rampage in a Chinese village. They …

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Cat Versus Dog Popularity by State, USA (map)

This page contains a map together with the statistics which tell us, in which states of the USA, cats are more popular or less popular than dogs. I suggest some reasons behind the slight differences in preference between cats and dogs. The map below is interactive; you can see figures by placing your cursor …

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