Maru’s Owner has Pocketed between $325k and $1.6m (USD) from her Videos


Maru’s owner – online username of “mugumogu” (I don’t know her real name) has earned between $325,000 and $1,600,000 (approx.) USD through Adsense online advertising from her videos of the world’s most famous online cat: Maru. Maru has achieved a Guinness world record as the animal viewed the most times on YouTube – a …

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Maru is Probably Right-handed!

Maru, the famous box-loving cat, is “probably right-handed” although he likes to use his mouth directly rather than scoop out the food (see video). Maru’s amusing caretaker conducted an experiment for both her cats, Maru and Hana. You can see it in the video below. It seems to me that Maru is probably ambidextrous …

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Chibi-Maru (little Maru)

Here’s some more information about celebrity cat Maru – when he was little (“chibi”) and when he first came to the house of mugumogu, his caretaker/guardian/human companion and wrangler 😉 . Maru was around 4-months-of-age when he was adopted and came to live at his new home on 21st September 2007. The video maker …

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Maru and mugumogu

This is about the famous celebrity cat, Maru, and mugumogu who looks after him, and how the videos are made. One of Maru’s great attractions is his inscrutable face. Maru’s “owner” (caretaker or guardian or better still “housemate”) has the online username of “mugumogu”. The housemate is a female. I had always assumed the …

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