Cats that change colour from orange to black and black to orange


Online currently there is a GeoBeats story about an adorable cat called Pugsley who when adopted from a rescue center was orange. It was an extreme case of tyrosine deficiency due to him being on a very unbalanced diet for a long time before he entered the shelter (on my assessment). Normally black cats …

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Feline ‘freckles’ (9 facts)

Feline freckles on a ginger tabby which upsets the owner

Here are 9 facts about feline ‘freckles’ aka lentigo. Lentigo can infrequently cause alarm in cat owners. One asked on social media: “What is this all over my cat’s nose and mouth? And are there any possible treatments?”. They were referring to their ginger cat above. The words come from a user, and …

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Cat hair pigmentation types (fully illustrated)

A fully illustrated page on the self, tipped, shaded, smoke and ticked (tabby) cat coat hair strands and the positioning of pigmentation which is called melanin (eumelanin). Melanin is created in pigment producing cells called melanocytes in the skin. Their operation is dictated to by the genotype of the cat. Here are the various …

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Picture of a cobweb leopard

Cobweb panther or leopard

Cobweb leopards exhibit a form of vitiligo which in humans produces patches of pale, white skin due to a lack of melanin being produced by pigment producing cells called melanocytes. Glasgow Zoo, Scotland acquired a 10-year-old black leopard from Dublin Zoo, Ireland in the early 1980s. She was a cobweb leopard as she exhibited …

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Picture of brown spots in a cat’s eye (iris melanosis)

The eyes of a 21-year-old cat with iris melanosis - iris freckles

This is an excellent example – I would say an extreme example – of iris melanosis in the eyes of an elderly cat. The picture caught my eye (excuse the pun). It comes from the website on which a member of that site (u/lilbeewin) posted a picture of her cat with the title: …

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