Revisiting the “two talking cats” video and understanding what they are saying

Two talking cats. What are they talking about?

The truly unique “two talking cats” video on YouTube has been seen 103 million times which is unsurprising. Or perhaps it might be fair to say that it’s unique to capture on video cats talking to themselves like this. It possibly happens from time to time but it must be extremely rare. But what …

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Cat’s meow is a reflection of the kitten-to-surrogate mother relationship we have with them

Cat's meow

There are two very well-known biologists and cat behaviourists who, in my view, agree on this point which is that the domestic cat sees us as surrogate mothers. We don’t quite know how they really process their observations of us but in terms of their behaviour towards us it reflects a kitten-to-mother relationship. These …

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What is the biggest cat that can purr and meow (infographic)?

Puma vocalisations listed in an infographic

There is only one large wild cat species that can both purr and meow, and of course, produce a wide range of sounds both for short range and long-range communication and this is the well-known puma a.k.a. the mountain lion or cougar. This is the cat with the most names and the cat with …

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Cat sounds like a baby – the evolved meow

Meowing in unison

If you compare the meow of the domestic cat’s wildcat ancestor to that of the domestic cat today you will notice a difference. Over 10,000 years of domestication the domestic cat meow has evolved to better communicate with human caregivers. And in response, humans have evolved as well in order to be more sensitive …

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Pretty cat has a beautiful meow

Cat has a beautiful meow

Can cats have more melodic and beautiful meows than other cats? Yes, absolutely. Some cats, the Siamese comes to mind, have quite harsh and demanding meows. They are effective though! But this pretty cat has a sweet voice. If she was a person she’d have a signing voice! In fact there are meows of …

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