Restitution in unlawful cat killing cases

Restitution for loss of cats killed by another

When a person is convicted of the unlawful killing of someone’s pet cat the owner seeks compensation for their loss; this is ‘restitution’. A recent live and real case can be used to illustrate how it works. It concerns Pam Dowell, the lady who is moving home to get away from some neighbors, one …

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Audio recording of Steven Mishow admitting to shooting neighbors’ cats

Man who shoots cats

This is a follow up page to one I wrote on 3rd December 2017 about Steven Mishow shooting domestic cats belonging to neighbors. One of them was Olivia belonging to Pam Dowell who decided to leave the area as a result. The two others were a semi-feral named Emerald and Pumpkin a neighbour’s cat. …

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Lady moves home to a more civilized place after her neighbor shoots her cat


Cohasset, Minnesota, USA: Pam Dowell’s neighbor, Steven Lee Mishow, always said that he hated cats. He said that he would shoot cats who came onto his property. He said he could do it because he’d be defending and preserving his property. Pam Dowell knew about the man’s hatred of cats. She invited him into …

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