Cat – Bread – Gun – Grozny

Cat – bread – gun – Grozny is a “rather chilling photo with a cat in it” (Marc). This is, indeed, a chilling photo. It is a great photo that is hidden away on Wikipedia. The photographer is Mikhail Evstafiev (Mikhail appears to be Finnish) – the link takes you to the Wikipedia image. …

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World’s Tallest Moggie?

Is Judas the world’s tallest moggie? A moggie is a random bred cat or non-purebred cat. I think he might be and he is British. Guinness World Records do a “tallest pet cat” category. I don’t think they do smallest or biggest because it encourages cat owners of large cats to overfeed them, make …

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Milly’s 18th Birthday Party

by Finn Frode, Copenhagen, Denmark Sunday June 10th our Milly celebrated her 18th birthday. A special picnic was served in our garden for her and her lieutenants, Snow White (domestic Shorthair) and Rags (Somali). Milly has been with our family for her entire life – ever since that first morning when I held her …

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