As exercise alleviates depression in people why do we allow indoor cats to be inactive all day?

A shot of endorphins helps me get through my day. What about domestic cats?

You probably know this already. Exercise helps to alleviate depression. Going outside and walking within a natural landscape is also good to lift one’s mood. If you don’t know that already then you do now! And if you are cynical and don’t believe it, you haven’t got to go far online to confirm that …

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Singer-songwriter talks about mental health and loneliness. Cats can help.

Tom Odell

I like this article in The Independent newspaper about Tom Odell talking about mental health and loneliness (link at base of page). Although, I hate The Independent newspaper! But that’s another story. Tom Odell is a successful British singer-songwriter. He’s got his own Wikipedia page, which is a sign of status in human society. …

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7 reasons why your cat sometimes rejects food

Feral kitten eating baby food to help socialise him

Sometimes people brand domestic cats who reject their food is finicky eaters. It may be true for some individual cats (sensitive stomach?) but I think, in general, it is unfair. Sometimes cats ask for food, or you think they are asking you for food, but when they go up to it, they sniff and …

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You can tell a lot from a cat’s eyes

Black cat - stunning eyes

You can tell a lot from a cat’s eyes both in respect of health, mood and more. Health All of the below require the intervention of a vet. You must have heard of it, the nictitating membrane. This is the third eyelid a.k.a the haw. Its role is to protect a cat’s eyes when …

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