Mountain lions try to avoid artificially lit areas, possibly to avoid interactions with humans

Puma at night

In Southern California, mountain lions avoid areas which are lit artificially. It is believed that they do this to avoid people. Clearly, mountain lion regards humans as dangerous. This brings to mind, by the way, the common leopard which in some areas has become entirely nocturnal to avoid people. A recent study found that …

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NIMBY rich of California refuse residential developments citing the protection of mountain lion habitat

Woodside residents use puma conservation as an excuse not to allow residential development in their area

NEWS AND COMMENT-BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA: This is a story about human population growth which requires more housing and the inevitable human-animal conflict which is ever-increasing on the planet. But it is a story with a twist because in this instance the rich are using conservation in their favour. Normally it is the opposite: the …

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Conservation of the puma a.k.a. mountain lion – full discussion 2022

Mountain lion travelling

Introduction: This page has been refreshed, added-to and republished on February 1, 2022. It needed to be because assessments on conservation of wild species needs to be constantly updated. That said, and regrettably, it seems that the experts are not doing this. The experts charged with reporting on conservation and threats against the puma …

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