How to check a cat’s mouth for oral health

Vet opening a cat's mouth

How do you check your cat’s teeth, gums and mouth generally? It’s important to do it but very difficult to carry out. Even using the standard veterinary technique, which I refer to below, many cats are reluctant to have their mouths examined. They might need to be restrained or sedated by a veterinarian. I …

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Cat drooling – full exposition

Dribbling drooling cat

This page has been checked, refreshed, added-to and republished as at January 15, 2022. It was first published about 13 years earlier. The technical term for a cat drooling is hypersalivation. There is too much saliva. Healthy dogs drool. Healthy cats don’t drool although they might on occasion drool with delight! Here are some …

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Does dry cat food clean teeth?

No, dry cat food does not clean a cat’s teeth or help to protect gums despite what the pet food manufacturers claim – that was my initial thought and belief. It did not, and does not, seem logical when you think about it critically. For instance, when humans eat dried food, we don’t claim …

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Home treatment for bad breath in cats

Cat Yawn

People search for a home treatment for bad breath in cats. I don’t think that it is feasible to advise on a home treatment for bad breath in cats without a skilled diagnosis first and I would like to explain why. There are various reasons for bad breath in cats one of which (a …

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My cat’s breath smells bad

Feline bad breath

“My cat’s breath smells bad” is a common concern for cat owners. Bad breath is called “halitosis”. The problem shouldn’t be as common as it is because it is likely to be the consequence of a failure to observe a cat’s mouth without wishing to be overly critical. This may sound a bit odd …

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What can cause mouth ulcers and seizures in cats?

I have been searching for a link between mouth ulcers and seizures in cats. I have a friend who’s 10-year-old cat has sadly just died having been diagnosed with diabetes. The cat had mouth ulcers and had a seizure. It seems to me that at aged ten illnesses caused by old age can be …

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Rescued Repaired and Sheared Persian Cat

The story of Matt, the rescued Persian who was dumped in Northwest London, is very sad but I have to confess to being slightly amused by the photo of him zonked out after being sheared with his pile of fur next to him. I think the photo was meant to make us smile. Matt …

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