Litter of Munchkin Kittens

by Angela (Australia) Red ticked male munchkin kitten Colourpoint male munchkin kitten Munchkin kittens Munchkin male kittens These are photos of my first litter from my male Munchkin that I imported from New Zealand. There are three little standard boys and one non-standard girl. SO SO SO SO cute! These photos are when the …

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Windrunner Cattery Munchkin Breeder

by Charlotte Perrin (Ramona, Calif.) Calico Ragdoll Munchkin Seal Pt. Munchkin at 6 weeks Orange Marble Persian Munchkin Blue Cream Tortie Persian Munchkin I bred my first Munchkin litter in 1994, but succumbed to public opinion and quit until 1998, when I decided to breed what I liked, not what the public wanted. I …

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My Munchkin Cat

My Munchkin Cat by Fendi (Malaysia) My Munchkin Cat Just wanna say, this breed is so interesting. Thanks God I found this breed as a pet… Updated post…the following added next day Yes. I’m here in Johore, Malaysia. I have read lots of articles before and after getting this breed. First of all, I …

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