Chinese mythology Tian Wu, Bi An, Lu Wu, Qiong Qi, Bai Hu

The revered and iconic tiger is part of these five mythological Chinese creatures. A recognition by the Chinese people of their admiration for this iconic species of wild cat which has to be juxtaposed against the ironic culture in certain sections of China where they have decided that eating tiger body parts improves their …

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Japanese folk-myth ‘bakeneko’ – reason why Japanese Bobtail is popular in Japan

Bakeneko cat with a long tail split into two

Dr. Desmond Morris makes an interesting statement in his book Cat World. He writes about the Japanese Bobtail and says that the popularity of this short-tailed cat in Japan is partly due to the fact that there is a Japanese folk myth called a ‘bakeneko’ which warns that long-tailed cats can change into human …

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Freya’s Cats

Freya's cats

Freya is part of Viking history and a Norse goddess of war, love and sex. She was one of the most beautiful women in the cosmos with her blue-eyes and blonde hair. She travelled in a chariot drawn through the heavens by a pair of magnificent cats. Why were cats pulling her chariot? These …

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