Turkey earthquakes animal rescue infographic Feb 2023

Animal rescue during Turkey's earthquake Feb 2023

I think that it it’s time to redress the balance 😊. This awful tragedy has brought an incredibly shocking human death toll of 21,000 as at the date of this post with numbers climbing. We don’t know where it will end but I suspect considerably more than the current figure. By redressing the balance, …

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How to help prevent your cat getting lost when a wildfire approaches?

Alia Tavenner and Astro reunited

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is a story coming out of Polson, Montana, USA, about a lucky cat who escaped a wildfire. I am happy that Astro made it back to his family. He was burnt and bruised with damaged lungs and swollen paws. Some whiskers were missing. He was singed but he made it. …

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Oregon’s enormous bootleg fire: thousands ordered to evacuate homes. Are the animals safe?

Oregon Bootleg fire. What is happening to the domestic and wild animals?

I’m concerned about the cats, dogs, horses etc. in and around the thousands of homes that have been evacuated in the path of this wildfire. And we mustn’t forget the wild animals who make the forest their home. The fire has burnt at least 67 homes and 100 outbuildings. The fire covers 564 square …

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Karma on a biblical scale hits Australia, China and Africa as nature retaliates for human abuses

Locust swarms of biblical proportions in east Africa. I'd say it is nature's karma

First we had the freakish wildfires, dust storms, hail and floods of Australia in the form of nature’s retaliation for the Australians’ abuse of feral cats, kangaroos and camels and the climate by mining coal extensively. Now we have China’s deadly coronavirus, nature’s way of telling humans that they can’t indecently abuse nature’s animals …

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Drone with infrared camera will help spot abandoned cats and dogs in the Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Dorian

Thron and dog on Bahamas

A California photographer specialising in aerial cinematography, has used a drone to help find abandoned cats and dogs in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Abacos islands. He said that he was shocked at the number of cats and dogs on the islands struggling to survive but was impressed with their desire and …

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What does it cost to fly 84 cats from the Bahamas to New Jersey for a new life?

Cats transported from Bahamas to New Jersey shelter

I am always very impressed by the transportation by air of cats from disaster zones to new homes via rescue centres. In this instance 84 cats were transported from the Bahamas, damaged by Hurricane Dorian, to Morristown Airport in New Jersey. A group of volunteer rescuers and full-time employees (my assessment) did the work. …

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Picture of feral cat survivors of 6-foot Dorian storm surge on Ocracoke Island, NC

Picture of feral cats after storm surge of water on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina inspires

This picture by Mickey Baker of the non-profit OCRACATS is good news for all those who care about feral cats. Mickey writes on Facebook: “For all those interested in OCRACATS I have this colony here in my yard who survived the 5-6 foot surge. If they did then we can assume a vast majority …

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