Wildcat hybrids were created to bring us closer to nature but we are going in the opposite direction

The people who created wildcat hybrids such as Jean Mill (the Bengal cat) and Paul Casey (the California Spangled cat)…

1 month ago

Human population growth effects on animals

There is a growing feeling that human population growth is having a very bad effect on animals. Although you have…

3 months ago

Lying down with your cat on the grass

Today is sunny. I lay down on the grass in my backyard for a while, chilling out doing nothing. My…

5 months ago

Should I keep my cat in at night?

Should I keep my cat in at night? This is a very often quoted question. There are millions of answers.…

5 months ago

Why does polydactyly occur in cats?

Polydactylism occurs in cats because of a spontaneous genetic mutation.

5 months ago

Big business and politicians need to learn the lesson of the coronavirus

Supply chains are being severely affected by the China coronavirus epidemic. Business managers have ordered employees to work from home.…

8 months ago

Karma on a biblical scale hits Australia, China and Africa as nature retaliates for human abuses

First we had the freakish wildfires, dust storms, hail and floods of Australia in the form of nature's retaliation for…

8 months ago

Green spaces linked to better human health. Does this inform us about domestic cat ownership?

I've always thought that humans have gradually, through their best efforts, distanced themselves from nature. It's a natural evolution through…

2 years ago

Cat lovers should be nature lovers and nature lovers have higher self-esteem

I believe that true cat lovers also love nature and more connected to nature. This is because if you love…

4 years ago

Proof That the Presence of Humans Is Bad for Wild Animals

"When humans are removed nature flourishes, even in the aftermath of the world's worst nuclear accident."-Prof Smith (Prof of environmental…

5 years ago