Cross-eyed rescued Nebelung cat is an internet hit in raising $12,000 for charity

Belarus a celebrity cat who raises money for animal shelters. Great work.

This cross-eyed grey cat who looks like a Nebelung, a rare long-haired grey cat, was rescued and adopted at San Francisco Animal Care and Control in June 2018 by animal lover Rachel Krall who adjusted her work hours to make sure that she could get down to the rescue center to see him. She …

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Grey Cat Breeds

Grey cat breeds are popular especially the Russian Blue. There are six of them. To me “grey cat breeds” means cats that must be grey under the breed standard. In the world of cats “grey” is often referred to as “blue”. It’s because the coat is a blue/grey. There are four mainstream grey cat …

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Nebelung cat

Photo of Nebelung Cat Lovenblues Mozart Bronikowski copyright © Helmi Flick – please respect copyright. This is what Helmi says about this photograph, “This cat was a Regional Winner, Southeast Region, TICA, and was photographed at the 2007 SE Regional Awards Banquet and Cat Show in July of this year. He was tired of …

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